TTW Core Values

We believe in encouraging a positive sense of self, pride in individuality, and fearless self-expression.

We believe in empowering our girls and encouraging them to empower others.

We believe in equality, respect, and unity.  

We believe in the power of art and laughter.

We believe in you.

Seniors who love the TTW brand are creative, unique, and full of life. They want to show personality, depth, and art in their senior portraits - not just another pic of themselves. Our girls have a story to tell to the world and we help them do that.

Parents who love the TTW brand know what we stand for: empowerment and individuality. We believe that a girl who feels great about themselves can take over the world. And that's exactly WHY we do what we do - we want everyone who leaves our studio to know they're amazing and to know they can do anything.

Because we believe they can.

TTW is a boutique photographic arts studio that specializes in girl power and senior portraits. We know portraiture and can effectively use lighting, posing, color, and emotion to create a variety of images that you'll love. We love laughing and not taking anything too seriously because, really, who has time for all that? :) 

Check out our What Is Beauty video, featuring a ton of local beauties!

Your Photographer

I'm Cindy. Hi. :)

I love adopting old dogs (see pics below), sweet tea, traveling, big hugs, carbs, laughing too loudly, ocean breezes, and lending my voice to those who may need help with their own. I also love my sweet, oddball husband, who helps with my love of laughing too loudly. 

In photography, I love creating a custom experience and being inspired by everyone's personality and quirks. I love experimenting, catching the perfect light, color, dramatic expressions, and showing off your personality.

I believe everyone crosses our paths for a reason, so thank you for being a part of my journey. 

the old lady beagles Moxie & Phoebe
cindy alvarez Owner/Photographer/Dog Hoarder
beagle boy & the coondog Obi Wan & Tigger
Raves & Reviews
reilly jacobs Bixby HS "TTW is definitely THE best photography studio in Tulsa. Cindy and her team are the most inspiring and helpful people you will ever meet."
ally lane Broken Arrow HS "Cindy did an amazing job at capturing my style and making my session specialized to me!"
Holly Stuart Henryetta HS "I couldn't have asked for a better experience. It will definitely stand out as one of the great memories from my senior year!"
kaylee henry Owasso HS "I learned to be more proud of who I am, and during my pictures Cindy made me feel like a model."
liz watts Union HS "I have never met someone so passionate and caring about what they do. I wouldn't recommend anyone else to get your senior portraits done by."